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Hyper Insomaniac

Up too late painting

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After a life-threatening encounter with a rogue telephone pole and a 77 Oldsmobile, Steve Ellis leapt out of Danger and into Decision. “I know, I’ll be an artist!” He exclaimed. Since that fateful day many long years ago, he has flung himself headlong into the dazzling high-class world of the Freelance Artist.

Steve leads a triple life, part comics artist,part gaming artist/painter and par gallery artist. all of which causes a huge rift in his personality, these three personas duke it out in an epic battle for dominance on the dali-esque plane of existence within his psyche.

Steve A: His high-powered, energetic style has graced CD covers, computer games, trading cards, books, RPGs, magazines, toys and comics. Well versed in digital and traditional media, Steve's work has enjoyed widespread success painting and illustrating in the publications of Marvel and DC Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Upper Deck and numerous other companies. His high-powered illustrations have also been seen on packages for Hotwheels’successful “Atomics” line. Steve has alos acted as an art director on several projects including comics for Scholastic books.

Recently Steve has been teaching Digital Illustration and Life Drawing at Syracuse University’s well-respected illustration program

Steve B: This Steve has had critical success with his highly acclaimed mobster/supervillian comic The Silencers( moonstone books/ Image comics)as well as his sci-fi thriller Tranquility, both co-created with gifted writer Fred Van Lente.He has also had a hand at writing comics and would like to draw and write some more in the future.

Steve C: As a gallery artist, Steve has just started out, and has already had a piece in an internationally juried show of skateboard art at Galerie d'art Yves Laroche in Montreal, as well as numerous small venues locally and in NYC.

The Steves live in Syracuse for the moment( though he still considers himself a Brooklynite), drives a car against his will, drinks a lot of coffee to fight off the effects of Syracuse's lack of sun, freaks out once in a while, and has a blast with his son Jacob who is four years old and already drawing monsters. He also lives with his lovely wife Yamila to whom he owes hours of sleep and tons of back-up. There is also a dog, Willow the Whippet, and two cats Simon and Mona, none of whom get along well.

Basically, this journal is a place to talk about comics, art, gaming, fun, work, and chill out. I would love it if I could get a new piece of art out once a week up here and really take advantage of the whole deal. I would also love too get some cool conceptual conversations going that could thread out for months and months spiralling into hours of wasted time writing at my computer.

If all of this is too insane for you,you may not want to read further.....

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