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High Moon on Zudacomics.com tommorow 10/30, !

I am so excited to announce that I have a new project releasing tommorow at DCcomics ZUDAComics.com site

 It's called High Moon and is a supernatural western/horror, involving six guns and werewolves....it starts out as a mystery and I think it will be a blast when we reveal the final twist.

The story is about a small western town plagued by Werewolves. A mysterious stranger comes to town to help, Macgregor,  but he's got a dark secret of his own.    The artwork I did for HIGH MOON is gritty and dark and takes heavy influence from crazy western films like Jodorosky's El Topo, Django as well as High Plains Drifter and Unforgiven. We've added the whole horror angle which fits seemlessly with the Western feel...

The only thing is, Zuda is a contest, so people have to go to the site, sign up, read the comics and vote or there won't be more...Eight pages of High Moon will compete against eight pages of other peoples work.

At the very least, please go to Zuda tommorow and check out the work. I'm very proud of it, I did the pencilling inking and coloring. Much of the art was done directly on computer but has a textured dark threatening feel which works with the storyline.  I'll post a few teasers here so you can get an idea of what High Moon is all about.

also check out the blogspot section where Writer David Gallaher has posted some things about HIgh Moon.