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Rocky Horror

Watching the Rocky Horror Glee episode. It has given me a new yearning to get the real music on my computer and go see the show again. I didn't realize I still know all the lyrics and the call backs. It's been a long time. Unfortunately, the Glee version changes half the lyrics and get rid of the best parts of the musical....It's Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylvania! Dammit! Making Frankenfurter a girl ruins the whole thing...Oh Well.

Plus, Richard O'Brien cannot be replaced....either as Riff Raff or as the Lips
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An Open letter to Zuda creators and Zuda Fans....

I have mixed feelings about the changes at Zuda Comics. (see Even though some of the comics will continue into the future (including my and David Gallaher's High Moon) under a Zuda banner on PlayStation Network, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and on the web at comiXology and soon at DC online, approximately 30 ongoing series will be coming to an end.

Zuda was a bold experiment put together and administered by the crew at DC Comics to expand DC Comics into the webcomics world. It ran as a competition to bring in new talent, expose talent that had been on the sidelines of the comics biz, and allow that talent to shine in an environment that preferred new, original, creator-driven projects.

Some great new projects joined the world of comics, earning many awards and accolades for the creative teams. It created a community of supporters, readers and friends many times outside the mainstream of the comics reading public.

I have met and learned about creators from around the world. I got to enjoy their projects, be inspired by their creativity and drink their booze at con after-parties.

I have had a creative renaissance working on High Moon and was inspired on a daily basis by the support of the fans who posted regularly even though I was terrible at posting back. The fact that I was paid to create a project and be able to give it all of my time and effort to make it the best project possible and have an instant feedback community was a fantastic way to forge my skills as a storyteller and artist. Zuda has also facilitated the creation of a creative partnership with David Gallaher which has moved past High Moon to other projects like Box 13 from Red5 and Comixology as well as Darkstar and the Winter Guard from Marvel.

Now we are moving onto a new era of Zuda and a new era of High Moon. (see Kwanza Johnsons post from today

It's bittersweet as we leave some friends to continue on their own. I look forward to seeing them continue these projects elsewhere or move onto new creative projects altogether. I expect Greatness from all of you guys.

There is a bond between us all forged by the common experience of having been through the sometimes gruelling competition process.

If I may speak for the other creators who will be moving forward with DC, we will always be Zudites together.

Thanks for everything, and to steal a line from David Gallaher, Keep on Howling!

Steve Ellis
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Blog situation

I'm getting myself all set up to really be able to use these blog things with an RSS feed through Blog it on Face book...I dont know if I'll be able to post images through this so we'll have to see what happens
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Silencers in top ten!high Moon at Harveys!

Wow, my series, The Silencers, created with Fred VanLente of Hercules fame is rising to the top of Comics sales on the iphone! For a project I loved it's great to see it coming of age!

In other news, High Moon is up for a Harvey, so anyone who is in the Comics biz, and can vote, PLEASE vote for High Moon in the two categories we were nominated in...the forms are at the Harveys webpage. You can email your ballot in so it saves you a stamp! Also when voting consider the other fine titles out by Zuda....

The month of October is going to be huge, I have a how-to book coming out in October:

As well the big High Moon book will be out in October!

Things are going crazy more announcements to come as the fall heats up! wow.....
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Harvey Awards

For Your Consideration: The Harvey Awards

2009 Harvey Award Nomination Ballots Online Now!

Download .pdf Nomination Ballot

Download .txt Nomination Ballot


Ballot Deadline March 27,2009

E-Mail Submission:
Snail Mail : Paul McSpadden ; Administrator Harvey Awards ; 605 West Arapaho Road ; Richardson, Texas 75080

All ballots must include the requested professional verification information.

Name :
Address :
City :
State :
Zip :
Email :
Brief List of Work in Comics :
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Bayou and High Moon Preorder at Amazon!

I just found out you can preorder Bayou and High Moon from early. This really helps the company figure out how mnay they are going to sell ahead of time. So if you want to grab a copy, I highly recommend Bayou volume 1]

and of course HIgh Moon volume 1

I'm going to be making sure there's an image up on the site very soon.
Thanks a million!

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Super Day

I've got meetings with a bunch of great people who are going to make great things happen...too bad it's all super secret. Watch this space for updates. Who knew being a comic book artist was going to be like being a spy....

Too bad I won't be home for dinner, no Moussaka for me!
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New Blog and awards!

I've just set up a new blog at soon this will be integrated into my website so that all my new cool images I want to post will go directly up on my website and have portfolio art right there...soon. This is a big deal for me because I've been meaning to do this for months now...whew.

Also, a lot of people know that I have recently gotten recognized with a "webcomic of the year" award from Our competition was fierce, so go read all of them. they are all excellent they're free.

Yesterday I met Ally from Rocklove jewelry at the Empire State building Starbucks with Photographer Steward Noack It was a chance meeting but a really great one. Ally has some great steampunk jewlery at She would be a perfect model for some characters I'm designing for a comic right now...

Today I had a great day in the UNKNOWN Studio ( just down the hall from DEEP SIX hanging with George O'Conner and Joe Infurnari. We bitched about comics and insulted each other. Reilly Brown brought in his cousin Alec to show him the wonder of comics. Much fun was had.

Now back to High MOON which reached over 1.5 million reader recently...