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Silencers in top ten!high Moon at Harveys!

Wow, my series, The Silencers, created with Fred VanLente of Hercules fame is rising to the top of Comics sales on the iphone! For a project I loved it's great to see it coming of age!

In other news, High Moon is up for a Harvey, so anyone who is in the Comics biz, and can vote, PLEASE vote for High Moon in the two categories we were nominated in...the forms are at the Harveys webpage.http://www.harveyawards.org/ You can email your ballot in so it saves you a stamp! Also when voting consider the other fine titles out by Zuda....

The month of October is going to be huge, I have a how-to book coming out in October: http://www.amazon.com/Scream-Classic-Vampires-Werewolves-Monsters/dp/1600611796

As well the big High Moon book will be out in October!

Things are going crazy more announcements to come as the fall heats up! wow.....


go, steve!